In these times of relentless chaos and disruption, our need to land in a reassuring place is stronger than ever. When the old familiar edges of culture and community have exploded, our need for authentic connection glows even stronger.

Over the past eighteen months, our online connection programs have offered refuge from the chaos. “Cozy Connection Hours” and our Sunday Stories Series held a space for us to pause, slide in, and feel what still makes sense.

  The natural step after that is “finding your aligned action.” And this is the beginning of living your Power Process, as we bring source and self to service.

As you know, the nature of Neurovascular Integration work originally promised to transform and illuminate whatever work you are bringing to the world, by connecting to the “why of the wiring” to facilitate authentic reorganization. Now, we have grown to see how this work reaches far beyond the treatment table and into the truth of our lives. Deeper than the “why of the wiring” is the wisdom of our truth, that illuminates our presence, path, and process.

And so, it’s time to create the container for our transformation, as we slide into source and declare what’s true for us.

It’s time to bring the mystery and the magic!

Well, what’s here in this community container?

Well, we are starting with a dynamic mix of content and connection. You’ll find meditations, seminars, and intriguing handouts in the Resource Vault. We’ll be having monthly masterclasses, where I bring you the latest in our embodied transformation experiences. We’ll have monthly Q/A sessions, to meet and discuss the integrative process. You will also have special access to new courses, and I will be introducing our Power Process programs.

And this will grow as time goes on, and we explore the dynamics of landing and learning.

Dr. Cathy –

Dr. Cathy Pliscof Holway is an internationally recognized physical therapist, educator, and author in the healthcare field of integrative manual therapies. She has taught and lectured throughout the United States to beginners as well as advanced students.

My commitment to you is to create an inviolable container of trust, where we can meet, and be seen and heard and held.

Together we will learn to recognize when we are functioning from our strengths and wholeness, and know we are supported in our explorations.

Who is this membership community for?

This community is for you if…

You are curious about learning to live what matters to you but are not quite sure about where to start or how to get there.

You long for a nourishing, secure landing place, where you can be supported in your explorations.

You want things to make sense, from the inside out, and are ready to step away from organizing to other people’s confusion and chaos, and into your interoceptive Truth

You are ready to declare “what’s possible now!” and bring your best life forward.

This community is not for you if…

You are satisfied with your current self-story and the results it is bringing you.

You cannot create the time and focus to land in your own process.

You need the security of familiar patterns and stories, even if they are not helpful. 

We are all creators and caregivers of some sort, and it’s time we had a place to take care of OURSELVES, even as we receive impeccable caring from the group.

This is what changes everything you bring to the world.

When you are landed securely in your interoceptive Truth, your gifts reach far beyond the treatment table or conference room.. and you can be the breath and heart and hope you came here to be.

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Join the community

The NVI Path & Process Membership Community is available at through both a monthly and yearly subscription. Join the waitlist below to be among the first to know when enrollment re-opens.