The Neurovascular Institute

As many of you know, the nature of the Neurovascular Integration work that I created 23 years ago originally promised to transform and illuminate whatever work you were bringing to the world, by connecting to the “why of the wiring” to facilitate authentic body-brain reorganization and healing.

In the past few years, the focus has shifted, as we realized that it is the authentic presence of the caregiver that drives the most powerful transformation for the patient. And as we dove into this more personalized landing process, several important themes emerged. First, we realized that we need a “container” for our transformation, both for our personal psyche and soma, but also from a trusted group, holding our edges. Then, as we landed more deeply in our presence and process, the work flowed from source to self and service. And this powerful processing work moved “beyond the treatment table” and along the paths of our lives.

Deeper than the “why of the wiring” is the wisdom of our embodied truth that illuminates our presence, path, and process.

And so, I’ve created this new container for our transformation. Here you will find information about our Membership community container, our new programs, and our NVI course platform. Now that I’m not flying all over the country, I can be right here with you, wherever we are.

I’ll see you on the inside, where our mysteries and magic await!

Membership Community

The Path & Process community offers a dynamic mix of content and connection. 

You’ll find meditations, seminars, and intriguing handouts in the Resource Vault, along with monthly masterclasses, monthly Q/A sessions, special access to new courses, and NVI's new Power Process programs.

Payment plans are available for NVI course offerings. Please click through to the course page to see the available payment options.