It's a time of profound transformation.

During the isolation dynamics of the past few years, we’ve learned about landing deep in our own process, supported by those “holding our edges.” We’ve endured the world around us imploding, while being guided to the depth of our truth within, and now… where are we?  

What happens as we emerge into such a different world, from such a different place within?

How do we bring the truth of our presence and purpose forward on our path?

As I work with folks on this journey, similar elements to their path and process emerge. The new framework of our edges shows its secure reliability and guidance. It’s time to bring this process forward, so we can create our true path as we bring source and self to service.

What is this deeper process?

Well, beneath your years of service, in so many capacities, lies the river of source that has been guiding you. And in this dynamic process, your curiosity and explorations have reflected the spark of your Truth.

As you feel your work evolving from your deeper presence, it is helpful to take a different kind of pause, slide into your stories of service, and name the edges that hold your flow right now.

This is the “Why” of your Power Process, which leads you to clearer edges and the more authentic, powerful story that flows within those edges.

This is Why I have created the Power Process Program, a 3-month, personalized support program for entrepreneurs, providers, and coaches who are ready to claim their embodied empowerment and bring the depth of their services forward to transform their world. 

Together, we’ll focus on these foundational pillars to illuminate and transform your unique healing powers:


Create your landing process to cultivate your embodied presence


Learn the pause, pivot, reclaim ritual to declare your truth


Reframe the old stories from your truth, and grow your embodied authority


Learn how your powerful truth creates and directs your meaningful life.

I’m here to be your embodied transformation guide!

How is this program different?

This is a personalized, 1:1 program, designed to meet your unique transformation needs. This is an unparalleled blend of neuro-empowerment and embodied process.

In our hour-long sessions, we begin with your own landing ritual in a brief process session. From that place of presence, we then explore your questions, challenges, intentions, and possibilities. And from there, learn your embodied-ACTION process.

Our original Neurovascular Integration work guided us to transform and illuminate whatever work we were bringing to the world. And then, it became clear that we were meant to land in our own truth FIRST, to transform and illuminate our embodied power and bring that forward.

This program guides you through your profound source-landing, to your authentic action pathway. The strength of your presence is what guides your customers and patients to their own healing presence and process.

Together, we’ll focus on these foundational pillars to illuminate and transform your unique healing powers:

This 3-month program is designed to move you forward through four, weekly process sessions for the first four weeks, and then we shift to four, biweekly sessions for the next two months.

You will have Voxer access for quick conversations with me when you need them. 

You will receive personalized video “affirmation meditations” after each session. 

Bonus! "Presence, Path and Process" webinar!

Dr. Cathy –

Dr. Cathy Pliscof Holway is an internationally recognized physical therapist, educator, and author in the healthcare field of integrative manual therapies. She has taught and lectured throughout the United States to beginners as well as advanced students.

Together we will learn to recognize when we are functioning from our strengths and wholeness, and know we are supported in our explorations.

My commitment to you is to create an inviolable container of trust, where we can meet, and be seen and heard and held.


November 13, 2023

Your Investment

Power Process Program



One-Time Payment

Power Process Program



THREE Monthly Payments

Well, let’s explore why this program is resonating for you, and how we can journey together. Feel free to book a half-hour “exploration call” with me (here) and we will get your power process started!