In these times of prolonged Covid-chaos, stress and confusion have fragmented life beyond our comprehension.

As we gathered in our Cozy Connection Hours, we began to find our breath and landing, still deep within our embattled selves. 

And there, under all the chaos, was the spark of our coherence, glowing within! 

Yes, with each deep breath, we slide in and land in our self-presence. And from there, we can explore the unknown path of what’s possible now. 

Through this 30-minute webinar and meditation, we’ll be exploring the ways we take those steps inward, to create and deepen our own rituals to hold and grow this important landing process.

If you’re longing for that relief of letting go of the external chaos and landing in your true breath, where things still make sense, I can guide you on your way.

Join me as we


the impact of chaos and confusion on our strategic survival patterns


the survival stories, and transform from reactivity to responsiveness


our internal calmness, where our truth is bigger than this trauma


our embodied breath and hope

Don’t worry, it’s not about some magic mindset escape plan. This work is about landing in the relief of your embodied breath and creating your way forward, in the way that works for you.

Let’s start with these stories and explore our journey home.

Dr. Cathy Holway

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Founder of the Neurovascular Institute, Inc., and creator of Neurovascular Integration, a neuroscience-based therapy transforming body, brain, mind and movement.

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